Am I a Candidate for a Smile Makeover?

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Have you been drinking coffee, smoking, or neglecting your brushing and flossing for many years? Does your smile make you wish that you could go back in time to take care of it a little more? You may be a great candidate for a smile makeover in Birmingham! This is a package of customized cosmetic dentistry treatments all designed to get your teeth and gums in perfect condition so that you will love your smile. Here is how to tell if this package is right for you:

Best Candidate for Smile Makeover

An ideal candidate for a smile makeover is someone who requires both cosmetic dentistry and some restorative dentistry as well. What we mean is someone who needs to address certain oral health concerns, like missing teeth or crooked teeth, which can be addressed through cosmetic dentistry. In other words, if your teeth need more than just a simple whitening to look fantastic, you are likely a candidate for a smile makeover.

What a Smile Makeover Includes

There are many things that may be included in a smile makeover. Your cosmetic dentistry specialist will assess your oral health and may recommend procedures like fillingsdental crownsporcelain veneers, gum contouring, and teeth whitening. In some cases, procedures like dental implants, dental bridges, or even root canals may fall under this umbrella. Whatever it takes to get your teeth healthy and looking amazing could be considered part of your unique smile makeover package.

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