Benefits of Teeth Whitening From Your Dentist

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When it comes to whitening your teeth in Birmingham, you have three options. First, buy some whitening products from the store, second, buy whitening products off the internet or try some DIY treatment you found, third, visit your local cosmetic dentist to receive a professional whitening treatment. When you have the choice between the three, the few reasons that prevent patients from visiting us at Maniscalco General & Cosmetic Dentistry is because they don’t know about the benefits of teeth whitening from their dentist. These other options might be cheaper, but that is for a reason. Learn more about the benefits of professional whitening and why these other options probably aren’t for the best.

Fast Results

When it comes to whitening your teeth, there is no reason why you would want to wait two weeks for results. This is the case when you opt for over the counter whitening products or other non-professional whitening products. When you choose professional whitening from our Birmingham dentist, on the other hand, it’s completely possible to have teeth up to shades whiter during one quick visit to our dental office.

We offer three different whitening options: Zoom!®, Lumibrite® and KöR® Deep Bleach. Each whitening product works a bit differently, it’s up to you and our dentist which option is the best one for you. For example, Zoom! can be used in our office and give you teeth that are shades whiter in simply 45 minutes. While Lumibrite is similar and can be completed in our office, it is designed for patients with sensitive teeth. Lastly, KöR can also be completed in our office, but it doesn’t use a light to activate the whitening chemicals. Each of these options is also available as a take-home kit. Speak with our cosmetic dentist to find out which of these options is best for you.

Professional Results

If you’re trying to figure out what the big difference between professional and over the counter whitening products is, the main one is the professional results. When you seek a professional for your treatment, you will be able to ask for exactly what you want and end up with just that. If you only want your teeth whitened a few shades, our dentist can whiten your teeth without over whitening them. You will also end up with thorough and even results. You won’t find any white spots on your teeth, they will even be white. Our professional is also here to make sure your treatment goes as planned and that you don’t have any bad reactions to the whitening chemicals. Your results will look professional and you won’t have to worry that your teeth will look too white or not white enough.


One of the main differences between professional and not professional teeth whitening treatments is that length that the treatment lasts. With over the counter products, you can expect your teeth to stay white for a few months before the color begins to fade. With professional whitening, your results will last for as long as a year before you need to receive a touch-up whitening treatment. Our dentist uses only professional products for you. These professional whitening products are made with a higher bleach concentrate than the products you will find at the store. This allows for the bleach to penetrate deeper and therefore last longer. Save yourself the time and money on treatments that won’t last and opt for a professional whitening treatment instead.

It’s Safe

When it comes to the safety of your teeth, no over the counter products or DIY whitening treatments can 100 percent guarantee that your teeth will not be harmed in the process. For example, one of the trends going around on the internet is charcoal teeth whitening. This involves brushing your teeth with charcoal to make them whiter. Please do not use this treatment. Charcoal is an abrasive material and when you brush your teeth with it, it will scratch away the enamel on your teeth. Although your teeth look whiter, the enamel is thinner, therefore exposing your teeth to harmful bacteria that can cause tooth decay and gum disease.

Other over the counter whitening products can also harm your enamel, especially if you do not follow the instructions and keep the whitening solution on for too long. You can also end up with highly sensitive teeth which will make eating and drinking hot, cold or sweet foods and drinks a pain. A weak enamel can lead to all sorts of horrible dental problems. If you don’t want to treat them, you might even lose a tooth!

When it comes to professional whitening, your dentist will be monitoring your entire tooth whitening treatment. This means that he will ensure that no harm will come to your teeth. Your enamel will not weaken and he will not get any whitening solution on your gums which is usually one of the top causes of sensitive teeth when it comes to teeth whitening treatments. Under your dentist’s supervision, your teeth will be as healthy as they were before the treatment. Only some patients may run into some tooth sensitivity problems, but this will subside in a few days following your teeth whitening treatment.

It’s Worth the Money

Now that you know about all of the different benefits of teeth whitening from your dentist, you can make a clear decision about whether or not it’s worth the extra money to receive a tooth whitening treatment from your dentist. Over the counter whitening products are actually not that cheap when you compare how often you will have to use them in comparison with how often you will need a professional whitening treatment from your dentist. In the end, a professional treatment will actually cost you less. For the health of your teeth and for the sake of good results, the benefits of whitening from your dentist definitely outweigh an extra cost.

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