Dental Implants Aftercare

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Getting dental implants in Birmingham? Here is what you need to know about dental implants aftercare from our dental implants specialist.

Avoid Heat with Dental Implants

For the first 48 hours, or until the local anesthetic has worn off, it is important to avoid hot drinks and food. Even when drinking cool drinks, do not “swill” liquid over the implant area, and try to avoid touching it with your tongue or your fingers during this time. You may also need to avoid strenuous exercise for a while to avoid jostling or touching the area with your tongue by mistake.

Dealing with Swelling After Implant Dentistry

It is normal to see some swelling or bruising within the first few days after having dental implants placed. Use ice packs wrapped in a towel to reduce the swelling for the first day. After 24 hours, very gentle heat may be more beneficial. Sleep with your head propped up to avoid excess blood flow.

Treating Pain with Dental Implants

Most patients who get dental implants do not report pain with caused by them. You may have some soreness related to the surgery itself, which can be managed with ibuprofen or other analgesics. If pain and swelling continue during your dental implants aftercare, it is important to contact your dentist in Birmingham.

Other Tips for Dental Implants Aftercare

You should avoid wearing any denture or bridge that covers the implant area for the first week after surgery. You can expect some minor bleeding after the surgery, but this should go away after applying gentle pressure with gauze. If not, give us a call. Be sure to complete any recommended medications or routines.

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