Is Zoom! Teeth Whitening in Birmingham Right For Me?

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At Maniscalco, DMD in Birmingham, we offer several different teeth whitening treatments for our patients to choose from. One of our most requested tooth whitening treatments is Zoom!® teeth whitening. This can be because the results are so astounding that patients know to ask for it, or because of it just a well-known brand. Whatever the reason is that you’re requesting Zoom! tooth whitening, we have all of the answers for you to find out if Zoom! teeth whitening in Birmingham is right for you.

Your Teeth Are Yellow or Stained

One of the top reasons that Zoom! teeth whitening in Birmingham would be right for you is if you have yellow or stained teeth. Staining and yellow discoloration are normal with teeth from eating and drinking foods and drinks that stain, from smoking, and simply from aging. There are other factors that may contribute to staining or yellow teeth that are out of your control like taking certain medications or experiencing certain illnesses. Regardless of the reason for your discolored teeth, Zoom! teeth whitening is the perfect solution for giving you a smile that brightens up the room.

Zoom! teeth whitening in Birmingham removes both intrinsic and extrinsic stains on your teeth. In other words, it removes surface stains and deeps stains. You can expect your smile to lighten up to 8 shades! One of the best parts, your teeth won’t get too white. Our cosmetic dentist is here to ensure that your teeth are whitened to your desired shade so you don’t have to look like you have a fake smile.

You’re Short on Time

One of the best parts about Zoom! teeth whitening is that it’s the perfect solution for anyone who has an upcoming event or who is short on time. A simple in-office Zoom! teeth whitening treatment can take less than an hour. This means that you can visit us on your lunch break or even before or after work for a quick treatment. Whether you have an event you want to look amazing for on short notice or you don’t have the time and energy to complete a tooth whitening treatment every day on your own time, an in-office whitening treatment might be the right solution for you.

You Want Illuminating White Teeth

It’s no secret that Zoom! teeth whitening provides beautiful results. There’s a reason that our patients request this specific teeth whitening treatment. In as little as 45 minutes, your teeth can be up to 8 shades lighter. To put this into a little perspective for you, think of the color of the inside of an apple and then think of a white piece of paper. You can expect your before results to look like an apple and your after results to be a version of white paper. That’s a big difference! With results like these, your smile will be quite noticeable! Be prepared for your smile to light up a room.

You Want Professional Results

A lot of our patients who visit Maniscalco, DMD complain of using over the counter whitening products and not achieving the results they were hoping for. Some complain of achieving an unevenly white smile, while others complain of sensitivity or no change in color. Over the counter whitening products can be quite unreliable; this is why we recommend that you always visit your cosmetic dentist for professional results. Dr. Maniscalco is here to provide you with professional whitening with results to show.

You can expect to have a white smile that is thoroughly whitened to your liking. You don’t have to worry about some areas of your mouth looking more white than others, or your smile not being whitened to your desired shade. Our dentist is here to give you the teeth whitening results you’ve been searching for.

You Want to Feel More Confident

If you’re lacking a bit of confidence right now, especially when it comes to your smile, a simple Zoom! teeth whitening treatment is all you really need. Once your teeth are whiter, you will find that your self-confidence will increase immensely. This will help you feel more photogenic and more outgoing in your daily life. It’s amazing what a whiter smile can do for you! Get ready to show off your pearly whites every chance you get.

Experience Laser Teeth Whitening or Deep Bleach If Zoom! Isn’t Right for You

If you don’t think Zoom! teeth whitening is right for you, don’t worry, we have two other teeth whitening products for you to choose from. The first one is known as Lumibrite teeth whitening. This product is similar to Zoom! but is better for patients who have sensitive teeth. You won’t experience tooth sensitivity with Lumibrite, but you will still receive a glowing white smile. This product can be an in-office or take-home treatment.

The other teeth whitening product we offer is KöR whitening. This product doesn’t require light to activate it. Instead, you wear custom-made bleaching trays for an allotted time to whiten your teeth. This is also available as a take-home kit. Talk to our cosmetic dentist to find out which whitening solution is the right one for you.

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