Misconceptions About Dentures

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Dentures are one way that your dentist in Birmingham can address lost teeth. They are also the most widely known restorative dentistry procedure; everyone from your grandparents and back likely had a pair. However, we still hear many misconceptions about dentures from our patients and wanted to lay a few of these to rest.

Dentures Misconception: All dentures are the same.

Not all dentures are created equal. Cheap dentures do not look as realistic, do not fit your mouth as well, and may not function as well as dentures that are more costly.

Dentures Misconception: After getting dentures, I am all done.

Dentures are not like natural teeth, and cannot be treated like natural teeth. You may find that you have to visit your dentist in Birmingham a little more often than you used to ensure your dentures are in good condition.

Dentures Misconception: My dentures will fall out when I am eating or talking.

Cheap dentures may not stay put the way they should, but quality dentures will stay secure in everyday activities. This is a very important point for those who have been living without teeth. Having dentures can help you improve your overall health by allowing you to eat a more balanced diet.

Dentures Misconception: Dentures are for old people.

Modern dentures have been created to look not only natural but youthful as well. It is possible to get a great-fitting, quality set of dentures that support your facial muscles and keep you looking young.

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