Pros and Cons of Dentures

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For many restorative dentistry patients, dentures become a necessity later in life. From bad hygiene habits to accidents that damaged teeth, there are many reasons why you may be curious about discussing dentures with your dentist in Birmingham. Here are some of the pros and cons of dentures you may want to consider.

Pro: You’ll be able to smile confidently again with dentures.

Of the many pros and cons of dentures, this may seem like the least significant. But the fact is that being confident in your smile not only helps others perceive you as healthier, more trustworthy, and more beautiful, but it also makes you feel less depressed, less stressed, and more confident overall.

Con: There are many types of dentures, and it may take a while to find the right one.

There is no correct way to get dentures in a flash. Your dentures specialist in Birmingham will first explain the various types of dentures to you, helping you to understand the pros and cons of each denture type, and will then suggest the best option for your situation. This will likely take several visits and you could have to try more than one type to find the right dentures.

Pro: Modern dentures are comfortable and natural looking.

There is no need to fear dentures that slip out, look fake, or are just uncomfortable anymore. Modern restorative dentistry has created a variety of dentures that look and feel like natural teeth.

Con: Dentures don’t last forever, and can be expensive.

Dentures are more fragile than natural teeth, and must be carefully cared for. Even the most conscientious user will find that dentures need to be repaired or adjusted over time. Certain types of dentures can be expensive, especially if you have to replace them often.

Pro: Dentures help you improve your overall health.

Despite the other pros and cons of dentures, this one is really the most important. When your mouth is able to function properly, eating healthy foods and keeping out bacteria and infection, your entire body is healthy. If you consider no other pro or con at all, this is a very strong argument for considering dentures.

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