Tragedy to Terrific

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From Tragedy to Terrific Happiness…..

Tragedies always happen to someone else…this thought always ran across my mind and I am sure it is human nature to think of life like that. My thinking quickly changed when a fatal car accident took the life of my husband of 40 years. My life and that of my two children had no normalcy now.

I was in a fog for over a year, when a good friend asked me what I wanted in my life to make me happy. I told her “a beautiful smile” because I had so much to smile about. I was ashamed of my spacious, crooked, discolored teeth. She smiled and said, “I have just the person who can give you that beautiful smile, Dr. Michael Maniscalco.”

I went in for a consultation with Dr.Michael Maniscalco. As I talked with him he assured me he would have a lot of work to do but that he could definitely give me the beautiful smile I wanted.

As I was leaving his office, I noticed the picture of one of my grief support facilitators who had also lost her husband a few years before. Dr. Maniscalco made over her smile beautifully with veneers. I remembered how I had been impressed by her smile during grief support meetings, so I was hopeful that I might be able to smile again one day as well.

I called Sandra and told her about my consultation. She immediately told me not to even bother with getting another opinion, as Dr. Maniscalco was the best.

With all the assurance I needed, the door was now open for Dr. Maniscalco to start the process of helping me rebuild my life and give me my beautiful smile. Dr. Maniscalco and his team immediately became my special friends.

After several appointments, the time finally came for me to see my new smile. I could not believe the end result when I was handed the mirror after my veneers were in place. My emotions took over and tears of joy came from my excited eyes… beautiful smile….a gift I had always dreamed of but never pursued until I was in need of uplifting and rebuilding my life as a survivor from a terrible tragedy. I might also add that not only did the cosmetic part of my smile improve, but the comfort I now enjoy with my veneers had taken the place of my once sensitive teeth that sent shock waves through my body previously when hot or cold touched my teeth. So you can see that this veneer procedure added so much improvement to my smile and comfort, both of which were very important to me.

God had sent the most wonderful gentleman into my life before I entered into this procedure. He was very supportive throughout the process for which I am extremely grateful. He could not believe the change in my smile, my self-confidence and my whole attitude about life after my veneers were in place.

To say that Dr. Maniscalco is a perfectionist is truly a compliment to him as a fine person and dentist. I felt as he worked on my teeth that I had nothing to fear. I know that Dr. Maniscalco was creating his masterpiece to perfection. By the way, that gentleman, Sonny, that God sent into my life became my husband one month after my teeth were completed and I smiled in all the wedding pictures that were made by Dr. Maniscalco’s sister-in-law, Anita Maniscalco. Dr. Maniscalco said he may change the name of his practice to “Dr. Hitch” because several of his patients had gotten married after they were given beautiful smiles.

Dr. Maniscalco and his team are special to Sonny and me. Each person on this team treats you very special and is so supportive to you. They make you feel so welcome and glad that you are in their office. I truly have so much to smile about and thanks to Dr. Maniscalco and his wonderful team, of whom I call special friends, my life has gone from tragedy to terrific happiness.

I hope that my testimony can be beneficial to others who are considering new veneers. My door is open to talk to anyone who is seeking a life changing….beautiful smile!


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