Restorative Dentistry Overview

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If you have problems with the function of your mouth because of problems with your teeth, it is time you spoke to a restorative dentist about the different procedures they could use to help you. This area of dentistry helps restore the function of your mouth, so you can chew properly and speak properly. One of the benefits of restorative dentistry is the fact that it can often help to improve the look of your teeth, as well. If you have issues with your teeth, it is better to get the help you need now rather than waiting, as your problems will only get worse.

What Types of Problems Can Restorative Dentistry Fix?

This type of dentistry can fix many different types of problems that you might have with your teeth. Procedures are available to help replace missing teeth, repair or cover broken, chipped, and cracked teeth, and damaged and decayed teeth. It can also help with gums that have damage or infections.

A crown will fit over the top of a tooth. It is used to help restore the size and the shape of the tooth. They look very natural, as well, and can provide your tooth with the additional strength that it needs. They can be used when attaching a bridge, protecting weak teeth, fixing fractured teeth, after a root canal, and more.

Common Types of Restorative Dentistry

Onlays and inlays, along with traditional fillings are one option that can help to repair a natural tooth’s crown. It will replace part of the tooth that is unstable, or that has been damaged because of decay. Different types of fillings are available, and your restorative dentist will be able to help you learn which one of these will be right for you needs.

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