Benefits of Dental Crowns

A dental crown is a full restorative dentistry treatment, in that it covers your entire tooth, from the gum line right on up to the chewing surface. The benefits of dental crowns are both restorative and cosmetic, since they improve the look of your teeth while also giving you back your ability to chew and bite properly.

Most people have heard of dental crowns, but may not be fully aware of all the benefits. So, with that in mind, let’s move on to consider the many benefits of dental crowns.

Relief of Discomfort

If you have a broken tooth, serious decay, or an infection in the root of your tooth, then it is essentially a given that you will have a toothache. To ease that discomfort, Dr. Maniscalco may perform a root canal, fill as much of the tooth as possible, or seal cracks using a special bonding material. The rest of the tooth, though, could still be vulnerable. A crown is often used in conjunction with other treatments in order to preserve the underlying tooth structure and ease your pain.

Ease of Installation

Often, people are under the impression that creating a dental crown is very complicated, but in fact one of the main benefits of dental crowns is that they are very easy to make and install. We will send your impressions off to the lab and set you up with a temporary crown until it is ready to be installed.


Crowns are not “one size fits all.” Your crown will be made to match the shape, color and size of the rest of your teeth.

Improved Appearance

While the primary benefits of dental crowns are their restorative capabilities, they can also make your teeth look better. Since they cover the entire surface of your tooth, they can correct not just fractures, cracks and chips, but also crookedness and discoloration.


Crowns are made of very strong materials, so in addition to the benefits of dental crowns we have already mentioned, you can enjoy them for many years. Properly cared for, crowns can last you for decades. Crowns need no different standard of care than your natural teeth – simply brush, floss, and see us for regular cleanings and checkups.

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