Am I a Candidate for Clear Braces?

Have you ever wished that you could have a straighter smile and then rethink that wish because you don’t want to wear braces? If so, you share a common concern with millions of others, and yet you can have the smile you want, but without braces. Maniscalco Cosmetic & General Dentistry in Birmingham, AL can help you discover if you are a candidate for Clear Braces, which can allow you to get a perfectly aligned smile without any wires or metal brackets.

As your preferred dentist in Birmingham, we can meet with you to discuss options for straightening the teeth with clear braces. Because we specialize in cosmetic dentistry, we have the technologies to determine the best solution for you. After all, if you compare something like Clear Braces to standard braces, you don’t get the most accurate answer possible. Why not? Because braces are a solution for specific issues, while Clear Braces is a perfect answer for other dental needs. It is only by consulting with our cosmetic dentists that you can get the right answer.

So, what makes the ideal candidate for Clear Braces? There are quite a few factors.

The patient who is a good candidate for Clear Braces is:

  • Someone with mild to moderate misalignment.
  • A patient who will wear the clear aligners at all times, except when eating and cleaning the teeth.
  • Someone with only mild to moderate gaps and uneven spacing.
  • A patient who prefers that their straightening is done discreetly and even secretly.
  • Someone who accepts that they may need to use retainers after the process is complete.
  • A patient prepared to use the most appropriate treatment for their needs.

A good candidate for Clear Braces must first be assessed by our team, and if they can use Clear Braces, a series of custom aligners will be made for them in a special lab. Each aligner is used for two to three weeks and then a new one replaces it. Some patients will need only a single set, but others may require additional trays. This will affect the cost and time needed, but if a patient is prepared to be patient and dedicated to the treatment, this is a highly effective answer.

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