Benefits of General Dentistry

Top 3 Benefits of General Dentistry

General dentistry is another way to say preventive dentistry, which refers to the type of treatments and procedures that are used to prevent bad oral health in the first place. This includes your regular dental checkups at your dentist in Birmingham, your dental cleanings, and even your own hygiene routine at home. There are many benefits of general dentistry, but these are the top three reasons to head to your general dentist on a regular basis.

1. General Dentistry Screens For Cancer

Oral cancer can be a very serious health issue, but is very treatable if caught early. Unfortunately, gum disease and oral cancer do not always present with many symptoms that you would catch at home, prompting you to see a dentist. That is why your general dentistry visit includes a screening for oral cancer, to ensure your health.

2. General Dentistry Fine Tunes Your Routines For Optimal Health

One of the biggest benefits of general dentistry is that it allows your dentist in Birmingham to give your daily oral hygiene routine a “tune up”. It is easy to fall into bad habits, or just to neglect something you were not aware you needed to be doing. When you visit your dentist for a regular preventive dentistry visit, they can help you understand all the ways you may want to improve, or what you may want to change entirely, about your daily routine. This leads to much better oral health overall.

3. General Dentistry is The Stepping Stone to Specialized Dental Treatments

There may come a time in your life when you need more specialized dental care from your general dentist, or from another dental professional. Misaligned teeth, missing teeth that need implants or dentures, teeth that need extracting, and many other issues can have a serious effect on your overall health. A general dentist can inspect your teeth and gums, and make a recommendation for who you may need to see next.

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