Dental Sealants Overview

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Perhaps your child brushes his teeth regularly, and has even learned how to floss. That is good, because you are setting the foundation for good dental health throughout his or her life. You may be very surprised if you, or the dentist, discovers that your child has developed cavities, given the good oral practices you have instilled. Often, tooth decay is not the result of poor dental hygiene – it can actually be hereditary. If either parent has a history of tooth decay, a child can be predisposed.

Fortunately, there are ways to fight tooth decay in children, and one of the most effective preventative dentistry treatments is to apply dental sealants. The sealant is a thin, resinous material that is tooth-colored, and painted onto the teeth. Then, it is cured using a special light. Once the sealant is dry, it forms a barrier between your child’s teeth, and the bacteria that cause tooth decay.

If your child is age six or older, and you have a family history of tooth decay, your dentist may recommend that dental sealants be applied once the back molars begin to come in. Sometimes, dental sealants are even recommended for baby teeth.

Once the sealant is in place, it will provide protection for your child’s teeth for approximately ten years. During that time, your dentist will examine the sealant when your child has his or her regular checkup. If damage appears, the sealant can be repaired.

Even with the sealant in place, you should still make sure that your child brushes for two full minutes at least twice a day, and flosses daily. Checkups twice a year are still a must, too.

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