Facial Aesthetic Treatments in Birmingham, AL

Rejuvenating Facial Aesthetics

Our facial aesthetic treatment options are another benefit of visiting Maniscalco Cosmetic & General Dentistry in Birmingham. We’ll not only help your smile look great with our different cosmetic dentistry treatments, but we help improve your face’s appearance with our selection of facial aesthetics procedures. This means if you have wrinkles that you’re unhappy about, we can help you out. Facial rejuvenation products and dermal fillers will perfect your skin and enhance your self-esteem and confidence.

Schedule time to rejuvenate your face following one of your dental appointments, or schedule a visit specifically for facial aesthetics. We offer several brand-name injectable treatments at our Birmingham practice—contact us to learn more and find out if facial aesthetics are right for you.

Facial Rejuvenation in Birmingham

Our facial rejuvenation therapy is a highly popular cosmetic treatment that can do more than just hide wrinkles. At our dental office, we can also use these procedures to treat TMJ pain in patients. Our serums can tighten muscles to benefit those who struggle with jaw pain. In addition, we can use facial rejuvenation treatments to relax the muscles that cause frown lines.

Following your treatment, you can expect to have a face that looks younger and more relaxed. The procedure includes small injections to the face. These aren’t painful and most patients find them tolerable to receive. Talk to Dr. Maniscalco today to find out if you’re a good candidate for facial rejuvenation treatment.

Facial Fillers in Birmingham

Dr. Maniscalco is certified to give these helpful facial aesthetics treatments to our patients so they can leave our office feeling great about their faces as much as their smiles. Facial fillers are used to enhance the lips and cheeks or to hide wrinkles on the nasolabial folds (nose-to-mouth lines), marionette lines (mouth-to-chin lines), and even dimpled skin in your face. You can hide your wrinkles and enhance your lips and cheeks to look fuller if you wish. As a result, your face will look younger and you’ll love the results!

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Rejuvenate Your Face in Birmingham Today

If you’re ready to enhance your facial features at our dental office, it’s time to schedule an appointment for a facial rejuvenation treatment or one of our dermal fillers to hide your wrinkles or augment your cheeks and lips. Not only is Dr. Maniscalco an expert cosmetic dentist, but he’s also certified to administer facial injections for natural and beautiful results. Schedule your appointment with Dr. Maniscalco by giving our dentist office a call at (205) 967-9100 or by filling out our online form.