Seamlessly Beautiful Composite Fillings in Birmingham, AL

Efficient Fillings for Damaged Teeth

The immense pain that a cavity can cause is somewhat shocking, and it is always wonderful to know that your dentist can help. Few of us are delighted by the prospect of receiving dental fillings, but modern technologies at use make them a painless, fast and reliable long-term solution. Maniscalco Cosmetic & General Dentistry in Birmingham, AL provides general dentistry, including dental fillings and other solutions.

Dr. Maniscalco is a Birmingham dentist offering tooth colored fillings to resolve your cavities and prevent further damage. Also called composite fillings, they are a way of dealing with tooth decay that leaves the tooth looking totally natural and functioning just as it did before the cavity caused a problem.

Though many of our patients have some old fashioned, “metal” fillings, also called amalgam fillings, the dental fillings we offer improve on the treatment in several ways. Not only can our natural, tooth colored dental fillings mask the fact that you had the need for such treatment, but the use of these fillings actually maintains the strength and health of the tooth to a much higher degree.

All dental fillings are used to effectively stop the progression of decay inside or on the surface of a tooth. This necessitates the removal of the decaying material, and then the filling is used to replace it. The tooth is always treated before the filling is placed, and this provides a long-term solution. However, with older metal fillings, much more of the tooth had to be removed to allow for the material to affix to the original tooth structure. This weakens the tooth, and because the metal materials can be compressed or expand, it puts any tooth at risk.

The tooth colored fillings are made with a much stronger, harder material that does not require a huge amount of the tooth to be removed. Additionally, the bonding process used actually adds some strength and stability to the tooth as well.

Should a tooth have extensive decay deeper in the pulp or roots, fillings may not suffice, and a standard root canal treatment may be required. This is something that Dr. Maniscalco will determine with an examination and x-rays. This is also a painless and fast remedy, but is typically finished with a dental crown instead of a filling.

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