Dental Crowns Facts

At some point, virtually everyone who reaches middle age with their natural teeth intact (as most of us do, thanks to modern dental techniques and treatments) is going to need a crown. Dental crowns are facts of life for most of us. This is because even though your teeth should last you a lifetime, they do take a beating, and constant biting and chewing can take their toll. Injury can also lead to the need for dental crowns. The facts about dental crowns can be learned from your Birmingham dentist, but this article will also give you much of the information you need.

What Are Dental Crowns?

Dental crowns (also referred to as “caps”) are coverings for damaged teeth. They are shaped like your adjacent teeth, and protect your teeth from sustaining any more damage.

What Conditions Can Dental Crowns Fix?

You might be surprised to learn the facts about dental crowns, in that they have so many uses. First and foremost, of course, dental crowns are the most common way of repairing a broken tooth. However, they can also be used to replace large fillings when not enough tooth remains to make a filling effective, to prevent weak teeth from fracturing, cap an implant, fix badly shaped or discolored teeth, cover a root canal or anchor a dental bridge.

What Are Dental Crowns Made From?

A number of materials can be used. They were made from gold as early as 700 BC, and sometimes gold is still used today. More commonly, though, they are created from porcelain. Zirconia may also be used when hard biting is a concern.

How Are Dental Crowns Installed?

To install dental crowns, your Birmingham dentist removes the part of the tooth that has been damaged, and also takes out any decayed areas and old fillings. Then the tooth is re-shaped so that the crown will fit properly, and impressions are made of your mouth. Your crowns are made in a lab that uses the impressions to make sure that they will fit properly and look no different than the rest of your teeth. While you are waiting for your crowns, the dentist will provide you with temporary, acrylic crowns.

How Long Do Dental Crowns Last?

Usually, dental crowns will last 7-15 years. The better your oral health, the longer they will last so it is important that you continue to brush and floss effectively. You should also have regular cleanings and checkups.

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