Dental Crowns

Even if you are vigilant about taking care of your teeth, sometimes damage can occur through no fault of your own. You could sustain a blow to your mouth, or even just accidentally bite down on something hard, and end up with a broken tooth or teeth. Needless to say, the damage does not look good, and it can also make it hard for you to chew. You could also cut your tongue or the insides of your cheeks on jagged edges. If this happens, you may need a dental crown, or crowns.

What are Dental Crowns?dental crowns

Dental crowns are full restorations, created to completely cover what remains of damaged teeth. Usually, they are made from porcelain, since it is very strong and indistinguishable in appearance from natural teeth. A crown restores a damaged tooth to full function and appearance, and protects it from additional damage. Crowns can also serve a cosmetic purpose, covering chips or discoloration.

The Procedure

When you visit us at Maniscalco Cosmetic & General Dentistry in Birmingham, AL to have a crown made and installed, the first step is for Dr. Maniscalco to administer a local anesthetic to numb your tooth and the area around it so you will feel no pain. Then he will remove any decay, and take an impression of your tooth. The impression is used by a master ceramist to design your crown.

Usually, your crown will come back from the lab in a week or two. In the meantime, Dr. Maniscalco will fit you with a temporary crown, so that you will be able to smile and also to chew properly. When the crown is delivered, Dr. Maniscalco will make sure that it fits properly, and that it is the right color, and then he will install it using a special cement.

The Benefits

dental crownsNo one will be able to tell the difference between crowns and your natural teeth. Crowns can restore your smile and give you back your self-confidence, and because crowns are made from porcelain, plaque and bacteria cannot damage them. However, you will still have to brush and floss in order to avoid gum disease, which could compromise the underlying structure and cause your crowns to fail. You should also avoid grinding your teeth or biting down hard, since that could damage your crowns in the same way as it would your natural teeth. If you take care of them with proper aftercare though, your crowns will last a long time, usually at least fifteen years.

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At Maniscalco Cosmetic & General Dentistry, we would welcome an opportunity to talk with you about dental crowns and help you decide if they are the right treatment for your dental issues. Our office is conveniently located at 3419 Colonnade Parkway, Birmingham, AL 35243. You can arrange a consultation by phoning 205-967-9100. If you prefer to book online, you can do so using the form on our Contact Us page. Let’s get to work giving you the smile you deserve! For any unanswered questions you might have, read our FAQs and Facts.