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The most popular solution for yellowing teeth, when it is not caused by bad hygiene, is the clinical dental bleaching procedure. It is mostly used for the purpose of teeth whitening by its bleaching effect. You can schedule a cosmetic dentistry consultation by Dr. Michael Maniscalco at our dental office in Birmingham.

If you are looking for a beautiful smile beside the alignment of teeth or aesthetic positioning, your next step is their coloration. Yellow teeth give an impression of bad hygiene of the teeth. The yellowing and appearance of blemishes on the teeth can be caused by the action of time. It is due to the natural reaction of the teeth with the food or by the bad hygiene of the teeth, and there are several ways to avoid this problem.

Not being satisfied with the smile can disrupt many factors in anyone’s life, such as smiling or having a good conversation with friends. Most of the time people feel uncomfortable with the color of their teeth, but this can be reversed with an easy method of tooth whitening either at home or in the clinic. Over the years, the enamel undergoes wear, and in turn, the dentin becomes thicker by the formation of repair layers, making the tooth darker. This can be a factor that prevents the teeth from clipping.

The method employed for tooth whitening is done mostly in the dental clinic using a gel with a higher concentration of the whitening agent. This technique is without contraindication, and nowadays effective products already exist with excellent results. The laser treatment brings effects more quickly and can take from 1 to 3 sessions to get the expected result; this depends on the degree of stains on the teeth.

The tooth does not always turn white after treating with bleach, as the tooth is a polychromatic element and its color is determined by the dentin which is yellow, while the tooth enamel is translucent. The thinner the enamel, the brighter the tooth and the more mineralized the enamel, the brighter it gets. The color of the tooth does not change with the whitening process, only saturation of this color occurs. There are teeth that do not change much the degree of saturation. So, be aware of the possibility of your smile not getting as expected.

How Does Teeth Whitening Work?

In general, a type of molecule present in the bleaching gel penetrates the teeth and releases substances that promote the “breaking” of the molecules causing the blemishes. On the other hand, this molecule is volatile (evaporates easily) and “leaves the tooth” together with the dye pigment thus removing the stains from the teeth.

Vitalized teeth occur by a chemical process in which free oxygen breaks the molecules of tooth pigments into smaller molecules within the dental structure (enamel and dentin). In this way, these molecules allow greater reflection of light, and consequently, the tooth appears clearer.

How Long Does Teeth Whitening Last?

The duration of whitening varies according to the life and hygiene habits of each individual. Teeth can certainly get whiter after bleaching, but how much will lighten depends on the biological response and tooth structure of each person.

Methods to Whiten Your Teeth At Home

Home bleaching requires patience because it takes longer to get results compared to the method done in a dental clinic. It is done with the help of a silicone tray filled with a whitening gel and has to be applied every day for three to four weeks or according to the dentist’s guidance.

You must have thought that the procedure did not need the opinion of a dentist. While any or every change that reaches your oral universe must be approved by a professional, even if the treatment is not done specifically in the dental clinic. Follow the step by step and know how to make your teeth white:

  1. Go to the dentist and talk about the possibility of home tooth whitening.
  2. Next, the professional will perform a visual examination to see if your teeth are ready to receive the whitening product. Prior to bleaching, the dentist will perform a dental prophylaxis.
  3. At home, with the tray and whitening gel, you will start the procedure, performing it every day for one hour. The treatment usually lasts, on average, three weeks.

After that, take good care of your smile by performing good oral hygiene and avoiding the contact of pigmented foods and drinks with your teeth.

The methods used to whiten teeth at home may have some adverse reactions such as tooth sensitivity or inflammation of the gingival tissue.

Are Teeth Whitening Products Safe?

In some patient’s teeth, whitening products may cause harmful effects because of the penetration of the bleaching gel into the enamel of the teeth. It can end up reaching the tissue of the pulp and causing inflammation. It can also make teeth sensitive by the dehydration of the tooth when exposed to heat (usually used in this type of treatment to speed up the process), but the discomfort is only reported in a small portion of patients and lasts for few days.

It is a chemical reaction and may not have any worrying effect on teeth, as it has no abrasive action or effect on the tooth enamel. The whitening gel applied to the teeth only acts on the pigments that darken the teeth not reaching its structure.

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