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TMJ Treatment in Birmingham

TMJ Treatment in Birminghamtmj treatment

If you are suffering from TMJ/TMD and are feeling affected by it, you will slowly become aware of the intense pain and discomfort of the execution of daily life activities. Our expert dentists have cured incalculable TMJ/TMD patients in Birmingham, through delivering quality care and treatment to cure their TMJ disorder. The temporomandibular joint (TMJ) is responsible for bonding the mandible with the temporal bone of the skull. This temporal bone is located on the sides of the head in front of the ears. This bone is responsible for the functionality of mouth to perform daily activities like chewing and talking.

What is TMJ & Is There A Cure?

Temporomandibular joint disorder (TMJ/TMD) comprises conditions affecting the nerves, jaw muscles and the temporomandibular joint on one or both sides of the head that lead to jaw, neck, head and face pain. The discomfort and pain may be severe, can be constant or irregular and can last for a prolonged period. Symptoms associated with TMJ/TMD, as according to the Academy of General Dentistry (AGD), may recur during nerve-wracking times, whether bad or good. Dr Michael Maniscalco in Birmingham has treated innumerable patients suffering from TMJ/TMD disorders and aims to deliver quality care to more patients.

Temporomandibular disorders (TMJ/TMD) describe different disorders that distress temporomandibular joint (TMJ), or in simple words, jaw joints and the muscles that are present on the face that eases the function of chewing. If fingers are placed just in front of the ears along with opening the mouth slightly, the movement that is felt is TMJ/TMD. It is a small ball-and-socket joint that consists of the ball that is identified as condyle. It also consists of the socket that is known as glenoid fossa and a small, disk of fiber that acts as a shock absorber between the ball and socket.
Many patients suffering from TMJ/TMD first unsuccessfully pursue relief from frequent headaches. Many patients do not realize they are suffering from TMJ/TMD disorder as it can be problematic to identify the exact cause of the pain. At Maniscalco Cosmetic & General Dentistry, Dr. Michael Maniscalco suitably identifies specific TMJ/TMD issues of patients and recommend quality care plan for the patients.

What’s TMJ/TMD Treatment?

The joint that acts as a connection between skull and jaw is termed as the temporomandibular joint. The damage or injury to this joint can lead to a syndrome temporomandibular joint (TMJ) syndrome which is termed as the localized pain disorder. As TMJ/TMD cannot be treated by a single method, the dramatic lowering of symptoms can be carried out by different treatment approaches. One of the following treatments are recommended by Dr. Michael Maniscalco:

  • Make a trial to reduce or eliminate the pain and muscle spasm with the help of application of moist heat or intake of the different medication; for instance, aspirin, Trying to eliminate muscle spasm and pain by applying moist heat or taking medication such as anti-inflammatory drugs, muscle-relaxants, aspirin, or other over-the-counter pain relievers.
  • Try to reduce the harmful impacts of grinding and clenching by wearing a splint or bite plate. The customized appliances are made according to fitting of mouth and it slips over the upper teeth to avoid grinding the lower teeth.
  • To learn the techniques for relaxation for controlling muscle tension. Counselling and training is an approach that is used by dentists for elimination of stress.

When other options are not successful, the recommendation is to do jaw joint surgery.

TMJ/TMD Symptoms

Different signs and symptoms are associated with the TMJ/TMD disorders. If you have TMJ/TMD, it is difficult to differentiate as one or more symptoms can also associate with other diseases. The proper diagnosis is carried out by Dr. Michael Maniscalco after taking into consideration the dental and medical history of the patient and conducting x-rays and clinical examinations.
Common symptoms associated with this condition are;

  • Headaches and in some cases, migraines, pain, earaches, and pressure behind eyes.
  • A popping or clicking sound while opening or closing of mouth.
  • Pain during chewing or yawning.
  • A change in the fitting of the lower and upper teeth.
  • Sensitivity of jaw muscles.

Temporomandibular joint (TMJ/TMD) syndrome has some signs as well:

  • Jaw point pain
  • Popping and clicking of jaw
  • Popping sounds in ears
  • Ear pain
  • Sore or stiff jaw muscles
  • Headaches
  • Temple area pain

Does TMJ/TMD Go Away?

TMJ/TMD often lasts for some weeks for those type of TMJ/TMD that occurs due to trauma while other types of TMD are associated with bruxism or arthritis may go away in few months or years based on response to the procedure used for treatment.

When TMJ/TMD is Serious

In some cases, TMJ/TMD can be serious such as in the case when muscle pain, malocclusion, or tooth mobility occurs. You should call your doctor in the case where:

  • Movement of jaw is limited.
  • Your jaw is injured and pain is not subsided by the over the counter medications for several days.
  • TMJ area is swelled.
  • Jaw pain makes eating difficult.
  • Jaw pain or irritation keeps you wake up during night.

Relieve Your TMJ Pain. Schedule an Appointment Today

Because an all-inclusive treatment plan is considered a most effective solution for TMJ/TMD, we strive to work collaboratively with TMJ/TMD specialists in our office in Birmingham. There exist various aspects that often create confusion in understanding this disorder. If you are struggling hard to get rid of TMJ/TMD disorders and experiencing any of the above critical conditions, do not hesitate to make an appointment to see Dr. Maniscalco at (205) 967-9100 or make your visit at 3419 Colonnade Pkwy Street 700, Birmingham, Alabama 35243.

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