The Pros and Cons of Clear Braces

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Clear Braces clear braces are one of the best advancements in modern orthodontics, offering dental patients a way to straighten teeth and correct spacing issues without having to have a mouthful of metal. There are quite a few reasons that cause patients to seek out an Clear Braces specialist dentist in Birmingham. Before you take the leap, here are some pros and cons of Clear Braces to keep in mind.

Pro: Clear Braces Is Comfortable and Aesthetically Pleasing

Of all the pros and cons of Clear Braces, the comfort and visual appeal of clear braces is one of the most attractive benefits for orthodontics patients. Metal braces are often painful or uncomfortable, due to sharp edges rubbing against the cheeks. Clear Braces braces are smooth and can be removed when you eat or brush your teeth. They are also invisible to others.

Con: Frequent Clear Braces Aligner Changes

Clear Braces clear braces do have to be replaced more frequently than metal braces have to be adjusted. This could mean that clear braces are more expensive, and it will mean that you will have to come in to our office in Birmingham more often.

Pro: Use Your Teeth and Mouth Easily with Clear Braces

One of the big disadvantages of regular braces is that they can affect the way you eat, play instruments, participate in sports, or enjoy any other activity. With Clear Braces, you simply remove the tray before you eat. You can also wear a regular mouth guard for sports just by taking out the clear braces aligner, or play an instrument the same way if necessary.

Con: Clear Braces Is Not Always Appropriate

Unfortunately, Clear Braces can’t correct serious orthodontics issues that require great force. Clear Braces is mostly for correcting slight bite issues or spacing issues. Rotated teeth, major under or over bites, or teeth that need to be moved vertically won’t respond well with Clear Braces.

Pro: Shorter Treatments with Clear Braces

Of all the pros and cons of Clear Braces, shorter treatments are certainly one of the biggest pros. Not all cases are the same, but for a very large percentage of patients, Clear Braces can cut the time needed for correcting crooked or gapped teeth by months or even years. Therefore, many Clear Braces specialists say that the more frequent visits to dentists are worth it.

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