Misconceptions About Clear Braces

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Despite how long Clear Braces clear braces have been around, we still frequently hear from our patients in Birmingham at Great Smiles Birmingham that they do not want to take the risk on Clear Braces. The problem is not that clear braces are risky, but rather that there are a lot of misconceptions about Clear Braces that have become accepted as fact. Our Clear Braces specialist is here to reveal the truth.

Clear Braces Misconception: Clear Braces Will Not Be Covered by Insurance

Actually, since Clear Braces is considered an orthodontics treatment that is on par with traditional braces, many insurance companies are starting to cover this procedure. Of course, we here in Birmingham can help you find out if Clear Braces is covered by your dental insurance provider.

Clear Braces Misconception: Clear Braces Are Not Affordable

If you do have to pay out of pocket, Clear Braces is really no more expensive than traditional metal braces. In fact, because Clear Braces clear braces conduct the same alignment correction in less time, and with fewer visits to the dentist, the overall cost is often a bit more affordable.

Clear Braces Misconception: Metal Braces Work Better

It is true that Clear Braces clear braces are not meant to correct very crooked teeth, teeth that need to be rotated, teeth that need to be moved vertically, or bite alignment issues. However, for mild or moderate crooked teeth, Clear Braces works just as effectively as metal braces.

Clear Braces Misconception: Braces Are for Children

There are many adults out there who need orthodontics. Clear Braces is a great treatment for adults because it allows them to carry on their professional lives without the youthful appearance of metal braces making them appear less than polished and put together.

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